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Use wet-vac on the outside where the drain exits to unclog it. Flush with hot water.

It could be a tripped breaker. Turn the breaker off in the main panel, and back on. Otherwise, don't risk your safety. Call us for service.

Could be inexpensive like a burnt wire, or expensive if it's a bad compressor. Trust us for an honest evaluation. If it is only a burnt wire or other minor issue, we will not push you to buy a compressor.

Check or change the battery if necessary. Once installed, tested, and used for a period of time a thermostat malfunction is rare.

Check the air filter. In Florida dust collects quickly, so change the air filter monthly to extend the life of your unit. Those "3 month" filters are okay in US northern states. Not in the dusty south, and especially Florida.

It could be an air flow problem, or may be low or leaking refrigerant. Turn the system off for 6- 10 hours until ice melts entirely. You need service!

That usually means the blower wheel is out of balance or broken. Call us to have an HVAC expert inspect, troubleshoot, and repair your unit.

The reversing valve is being de-energized and re-energized. That is normal in winter but not in the summer. Contact us to schedule a service call ASAP.

To extend useful life of your investment, we recommend that you have preventive maintenance done on your air conditioning system at least once a year. We suggest spring to early summer being the best times and especially in Florida.

Follow the Department of Energy advice for digital programmable thermostats to save money on your heating and cooling bills. Simply reset your thermostat when you are asleep or away from home. With a digital programmable thermostat you can do this automatically without sacrificing comfort.

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